Dove story

There is a tall pine tree in our front yard, twice as tall as our house. It is chock full of dove nests and grackle nests and resounds of their calls at all times. Last night was a windy night like we sometimes get when it feels like the house is about to uproot itself and say, “I’m done with this, ciao!”.

This morning two baby doves had fallen from their nest and lay at the foot of the tree. The mother was anxiously hopping about them and flew away when we approached. One of her younglings had not survived, but the other seemed OK. It was shell-shocked and let us pick it up. We took it in and gave it some water and food and let it rest for a while. It shivered in the makeshift nest of towels we made for it.IMG-20140609-WA0008

We didn’t really know what to do with it, so before going to school we put it into a basket we attached to the tree. We hoped it wouldn’t fall off during the day and be food for the neighborhood cats. They are plenty and glutton when it comes to baby birds.


When we got home at the end of the day, we were excited to see that the mama dove had found its way back to her baby. We weren’t sure it would, but it did.

That sure made my day!




Yay for happy endings!

As always click the pics for full size.


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One Response to Dove story

  1. vivachange77 says:

    Wonderful story! And well written. I love the title Dove Story. Times when humans and wild life cooperate make this world a better place.


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