Family +1

After our adventure in puppy fostering, we weren’t sure that we could deal with puppies (they really are a handful), or even a dog. But serendipity was to play its part.

This week my wife was in Waco with her parents. She was staying there as a jumping point for Houston where she had a Med School Test on Monday. She was browsing, as is her habit, the dog pages on Craigslist and found someone who, sadly, had just divorced and was about to move across the country but could not take both of his dogs with him. He was leaving Thursday and one of his dog was to go to a  shelter.

My wife contacted him, and the shelter his dog was to be handed to. She met him and his dog, Chloe, on Tuesday, and fell in love on the spot (with the dog, not the owner). We talked about it on the phone, had a rush contract with the shelter taken care of (background checks included) and a day later we adopted her.

Yesterday they both came home to me.

Meet Chloe, the newest member of our family!








 She is 5 years old, half Boxer and half Lab and the sweetest thing ever. She took the 5 hour drive from Waco to Lubbock like a champ, and even with being in a new environment last night, she was mostly quiet.

This morning she greeted me with a paw-shake and her big, puppy eyes.
I’m already falling for her too!


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One Response to Family +1

  1. vivachange77 says:

    Chloe looks so lovable. Thanks for introducing her.


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