Garden Flower IV

One of the tree in our backyard started flowering a few days ago. We moved into this house a couple years back so unfortunately I have no idea what most of the plants are. I really wish I did so that I could plant some of them again wherever we end up next. If one of you do know what any of the flowers or plant I post are, please let me know in the comments :)).

I always joke with my wife that a Shazam-like app (the one that listens to songs and tells you what they are)for plants would be great: take a picture and it tells you what it is. Not sure it would be financially worth it or even if it’s doable, though nowadays I don’t see why it wouldn’t be, but I think it’d be awesome for nature lovers, hikers, and adventures.

As I’m quickly learning, most of these flowers are short-lived. A lot of them have a day, sometimes half-day of grace before they start wilting and hang sadly on the branches until a gust of wind does them off. So I try to capture their beauty in the morning when I go feed the chickens and let Chloe (our new dog) out. The rising sun light, I find, really highlights their petal’s delicacy and draws nice shadows over them.


There’s something crisp to the morning shadows that I most enjoy. (I’ve somewhat described that for one of the Writing 101 assignment).
Plus mornings are a little bit like Christmas to me. I get to see what has bloomed overnight, how much bigger the squashes or zucchinis or cantaloups have become. It’s all very exciting and soothing at the same time.


Click the pictures for full size.

Cyril Bussiere 07-02-2014


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2 Responses to Garden Flower IV

  1. Hi Cyril, guess who else has this flower in their backyard? Does anybody know the name of it?


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