Present moment, perfect moment.

“Present moment, perfect moment.”

This quote is from Tich Nahn Hat, a Vietnamese Buddhist monk who has greatly inspired me through the years. These words, thought or said with a couple of deep breathes, are a great way to ground ourselves.

The truth behind these four words is simple:  there is nothing but the present. There never will be. It is something that is sometimes hard to understand for us often caught in between better tomorrows and dragged down by painful memories or fantasies of golden pasts.

There is nothing but you, right now, reading this blog. And how you decide to live that moment decides of your eternity. For, for one who dwells fully in the present, there is no yesterday, there is no tomorrow, and that is eternity. And the present is perfect in itself, and it has to be, because it is all we have. Stressing about what will come or what has been is a waste of that precious now.

Much of what stresses us out and makes us miserable in life is our opposition to the present. Expectations,desires, wants and fears. Trying to change what is, is a fool’s errand. That does not mean that on can not change what is to come. But running away from now instead of anchoring ourselves in the present while doing it is the difference between a life well lived and one scattered to the winds. There will always be things to run from or toward, it’s an endless pursuit that dilapidates our lives.

So today, take a second to close your eyes, take a few breaths and realize that you are alive. Whatever is going on in your life that is the most important realization, you are alive, right now, when an infinite number of potential people are not. You are alive  now; not tomorrow or yesterday. Only right now. And it’s a wonderful thing.

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