The Himalayan Foothills, 2013.

My wife and I  volunteered in rural Nepal for a couple of months last year, at the Chisang Clinic in Bhaunne, a small village in the plains.

We met loads of interesting and kind people and also got a chance to take a side trip into the mountains for a few days, in the company of the Clinic’s director and his son.

The drive up to Kandhbari was one of the worst I’ve been on, in an overcrowded  landrover, up a winding trench of a road and sometimes across rivers, with people puking left and right (Nepalese are not good with motion sickness apparently).

The countryside is breathtaking. The picture below is facing away from the Himalayas. We were “near” the 5th highest peak in the world.

We ended up getting stuck in Kandhbari for a week because of the national elections and a transportation ban enforced by a neo-Mahoist party unhappy with the likely outcome of said elections. We almost missed our plane leaving Nepal. But after some finagling and sweet talking the local official we got two seats on a government plane that took us back down into the plains the day before our flight out of the country.   We also got to see Everest from the plane flying back into Kathmandu, but the pictures are nothing to talk about, we were so far from it. But we saw it! 🙂

This is a panoramic picture so make sure you click it for full size.

Kandhbari, Nepal 2013

Kandhbari, Nepal 2013


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5 Responses to The Himalayan Foothills, 2013.

  1. moi says:

    That sounds like an adventure. loving that picture, fantastic composition. I wonder if I could use it as a banner on my blog?


  2. vivachange77 says:

    Your wanderlust is a gift to people in far away places. I enjoy the mixture of beauty, humor and the practicalities of travel in your writing, And great pictures.


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