The Undoer

Hethens saw the world of men and breathed upon it all that was good.
And Cythra saw it too, and what he had done, she sought to undo.
The Breath was constricted of Matter and Thought
And impeded was the resolve of Men.


Excerpt from  The WorldMight. (Trailer)

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About cyrilbussiere

Author (, Writer, Scientist, and Nurse-to-be. I'm into writing, reading, gaming, raising chickens, playing guitar, and traveling. Man, do I love traveling!
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3 Responses to The Undoer

  1. vivachange77 says:

    Your words sound like something from a myth. An enticing lead-in.


  2. It’s from the Holy Book of Hethens, the religous text of the people of Alymphia, the country my novel takes place in. 🙂


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