Hole in the Fence

Our backyard fence is old. So much so that it’s full of holes where the wood knots have fallen off from old age. It also squeaks and threatens to topple over at the slightest breeze.

Up close these wooden holes look like portals to some other land that I imagine to be more thrilling than my neighbor’s yard.

Click picture for full size.



Signature Photography


About cyrilbussiere

Author (Author.to/CyrilLCBussiere), Writer, Scientist, and Nurse-to-be. I'm into writing, reading, gaming, raising chickens, playing guitar, and traveling. Man, do I love traveling!
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13 Responses to Hole in the Fence

  1. Meredith says:

    Great photo and observation.

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  2. Great picture! We miss the story if we move too fast!


  3. vivachange77 says:

    Beautiful old wood. The portal could lead anywhere – like Alice’s hole or what is behind the wardrobe.

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  4. Hi Cyril, this picture has indeed given me an inspiration for a short story. Would you mind if I used it in my post? I would of course give you full credit for it. Many thanks, Hugh


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  6. I love that picture, awesome shot.


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