Merida, Mexico, 2013.

After breaking my foot on the Pacific Crest Trail, we spent a month in Merida, Mexico. A vibrant city in the heart of the Yucatan peninsula, close to the coast and beaches, and countless ruins and cenotes, Merida is also a very polluted place, where breathing can be difficult depending on the time of the day due to the exhaust fumes.
We took a month of Spanish classes and learned a lot of stuff I have doubtlessly already forgotten.
The locals were very unsettling, as in staring at you with a scowl until you are three feet from them staring back and then, only then, would they look away. It was very peculiar, especially for a fairly touristy place, I haven’t experienced anything like it in my travels, even in way more remote area where indigenous populations might not see foreigners that often.
Loads of great food though, neat bars and clubs, and an extensive public transportation system no one could make sense of, or explain to us what the routes were; it was more of a ‘jump on the bus and see where it goes’ kind of deal.

The picture is of the Catedral de Merida, from a side street right off the Plaza Grande.

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One Response to Merida, Mexico, 2013.

  1. vivachange77 says:

    The street in the picture looks isolated with so few people and cars – not very welcoming, like the citizens of the town.


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