Lincoln National Forest, New Mexico, 2014.

This Halloween Weekend we took a road trip to New Mexico for a couple days of hiking and camping in the Lincoln National forest.

The first night we camped near the Monjeau look out at 9582‘.

DSC07807We set up and had diner around our camp fire. It was pleasant until another couple showed up and set up at another spot in our vicinity and proceeded to curse and yell at each other until 3am, once in a while apologizing to us for their arguing or threatening each other to have us call the cops on the other (apparently the female kept hitting the male. Awkward doesn’t start to describe it.

After a mostly sleepless night, the morning was crisp and the coffee strong.

DSC07872We packed up and headed down the mountain, away from the crazy couple which had apparently made up at some point past 3am. We drove to the White Horse Hill for a 9 mile hike amongst Aspens. Chloe was delighted to be let off the leash and roam around to her heart’s content.

DSC07898It was a nice day, fresh and partly clouded, perfect for a hike, but we did feel the effects of the higher altitude. Along the way we saw a stone mound that could have been a secret marker of sort and a neat fallen tree that reminded me of a plane crash site.






We eventually neared the crest trail and emerged from the forest but by that time Chloe was starting to trail behind -she is not used to that much activity- and we decided to turn around.

DSC07906Once back at the trail head, we decided to camp around there for the night. We set up by a stream, my wife in her hammock (she’s planning a 600 mile solo hike on the AT next year and chose a hammock set up and was testing her new equipment) and Chloe and I in the tent.

DSC07922We were tired and retired early after a coupe hours relaxing by the fire. With night wind came. It crashed into the treetops in the loudest possible fashion. It felt like being under water with the waves rolling and thundering above us. They came from up the hill and  grew louder and louder as they came our way and then retreated as they headed further down the canyon, only to be replaced by seconds of silence before the next wave clamored our way. We did not sleep much that night either.

The next morning we had a great breakfast at a neat little cafe in Ruidoso and then it was time to head back home, to the flatness that is West Texas.


West Texas sure if flat and tree-free…



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2 Responses to Lincoln National Forest, New Mexico, 2014.

  1. Thanks for sharing your weekend with us, Cyril. Apart from getting little sleep, sounds like you guys enjoyed the trip. Great to see that Chloe did as well.


    • Cheers Hugh! Hey, it was a nice trip, forests are amazing especially since we live in a desert with nothing but brush and dirt for hundreds of miles around. As far as the sleeping goes, I can’t say I’ve ever had a good night sleep while camping, even when thru-hiking the PCT and being dead-tired…

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