Syps and the BlueBerry Tree. Chapter V. Part II.

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Fifth chapter in my attempt at children lit.

If you haven’t already, catch up with Chapter I-IV and Chapter V Part I.

Chapter V. Part II.

They didn’t know what to do with that, so Syps turned around. He started forward again, one step, then two, when suddenly a faint Hummmmm came from the grass and Syps suck in a breath and froze.

“Did you hear that?” he asked Spoom.

Before Spoom could answer, a loud Himmmmm came from behind them and Syps jumped in fright and made a squeaky Harglgagl sound. Then very loud Hommmmms and Hammmmms rose from all around them and Syps let out a growly squawk that was more of an aroooo than a grrr. He jumped left then he jumped right, then he jumped in circle and finally he tripped over some of the tall grass blades he’d just flattened and he fell backward.

“Aaaah!” Syps went.

“Woho, woho,” Spoom went.

And then Syps fell on top of Spoom. There was a great Splash followed by lots of splishes when mud rained back down around them. The hummmms and hommmms and hammmms turned into humms humms humms and hamms hamms hamms and homms homms homms. Spoom and Syps wiggled back to their feet. They were covered in mud, especially Spoom who now looked like he had grown a brown coat of fur over his wrinkly skin.

“Every time,” Syps complained, shaking his arms, “they get me every time.”

Spoom looked at his mud-covered arms, belly, and legs.

“Look at me,” he exclaimed with a big smile, his teeth looking really white in his mud-covered face. “I’m a Treebear too!”

Syps looked at him. Except for his face being too flat, Spoom did look like a fuzzy Treebear.

“Ha,” Syps said, forgetting about the mud that caked his fur and the Hummingtoads for an instant. “You do look like a Treebear!”

Hertrude, who somehow had managed to not even get one drop of mud on her fur, walked up to them. She looked at Spoom and then at Syps, her blue eyes full of laughter.

“By the Blue Waterfall,” she said. “You do look like cousins.”

The humming laughs around them intensified, and then the meadow erupted into croaking.


End of Chapter V, Part II.

To be continued…

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4 Responses to Syps and the BlueBerry Tree. Chapter V. Part II.

  1. vivachange77 says:

    I really like this. The sound effects are great. The dialogue between Syps and Spoom builds suspense, mildly. Good work.


  2. Meredith says:

    Delightfully silly and funny! 💖


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