Syps and the BlueBerry Tree. Chapter VI. Part I.

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Fifth chapter in my attempt at children lit.

If you haven’t already, catch up with the story here.

Chapter VI. Part I.

“Cow-zin, cousin, cow-zin, cousin” rose into the air full of giggles and chuckles.

‘Cousin’ and ‘cow-zin’ like snaps and smacks rising and falling in the afternoon air.

Syps, Spoom, and Hertrude, looked around the tall, green grass. Only Syps could see above the blades, but even he could not see anything moving.

The croaking grew louder as more Hummingtoads joined in the laughter.

“Cousin, Cow-zin,” they went.

“We have to go,” Syps said. “It’s going to get very loud.”

He knelt in the mud and signed for Spoom to get back on his back. Spoom climbed up making squishy sounds as he did.

They started forward again, the grass shivering ahead of them as the Hummingtoads hopped out of the way before they could be seen.

“Hummingtoads are very shy,” Sysps noted.

“Sure seems like it,” Spoom said.

They reached the middle of the Hummingtoad Meadow. The croaking was so loud that Syps pressed his paws to his ears. He shook his furry head.

“That’s why I didn’t want to go through the Hummingtoad Meadow,” he grumbled.

Spoom pushed one of his ears against Syps’s back and one of his paws onto the other.

“It’s not that loud normally,” the Slothmole noted. “Maybe they’re allergic to Treebears.”

Syps stopped and turned around to ask Hertrude what she thought. Hertrude stood on a bent blade of grass behind them and didn’t seem bothered in the least by the Hummingtoads’ croaking.

“How come it doesn’t bother you?” Syps shouted above the loud ‘cousins’ and ‘cow-zins’ smacking everywhere around them.

Hertrude smiled at her friends.

“It’s in your head again,” she said. “The sound comes to my ear. After that it’s mine to do what I want with.”

Syps, still holding his ears in his paws, tilted his head.

“I don’t understand,” he said.

Hertrude’s blue eyes deepened like they were made of sky.

“I’ll tell you later,” she said.

The Hummingtoads grew a little bit louder still and Syps winced. With Willy playing hide and seek with Bertun in a patch of clouds high above them, they resumed walking, paws to ears.

After ten long minutes, they finally walked out of the Hummingtoad Meadow, and the Hummingtoads’ croaking turned back into hums. Syps sat on the side of a small, grassy hill at the edge of the meadow.

“That was loud,” he said.

Spoom tried to wiggle down from his back but the mud that covered them had dried together.

“I’m shtuck,” Spoom complained, his face glued to Syps’s back.

Only one of his arms and the tip of his stubby tail could move.

“It’s okay, I’ve got it,” Syps said.

He lay on his stomach and rolled down the hill. Spoom went down and then up. He made an ooff sound, then a Whaarg sound, and then another ooff sound as Syps rolled over him again. The mud cracked once, then twice. Syps came to a stop next to Hertrude and Spoom was free.

“Whow-how,” Spoom said standing up.

He wasn’t very steady on his feet and he almost fell back down.

Syps rolled down trees and hills all the time so he was just fine. He stood up too, a big smile on his face.

“Taa-daa!” he exclaimed looking at Hertrude. “I got Spoom off my back just like that!”



End of Chapter VI, Part I.

To be continued…

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