The WorldMight

New Cover Sept 2014 4A fantasy imbued with romance and mysticism, The WorldMight is a classic tale of love truer than time, a spiritual journey in a world heavy with secrets and magic. Despite spanning generations and more, it is also a very personal story of devotion, jealousy, and redemption.

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Short Shorts

 The straight-up coverShort Shorts is a short story compilation series broaching various themes and styles. From cybernetic love, to ghosts and vampires, by way of childhood memories and broken hearts, Short Shorts is an array of stories that will beg for a reread and stick with you long after you’re done.

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  BLUR, is my next novel, to come late 2015. The parallel stories of a tortured writer and his unlucky protagonist. A raw story dealing with love, lust, and unbecoming Passions.

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