Beta Readers Wanted!

Hi guys, Cover July 19

I just finished the first edit of my second novel, BLUR. It took way longer than I expected, but through a couple of moves and job changes, and a first house purchase, I finally got it done to my liking. And now I’d love to have some beta readers take a crack at it and give me some feedback.

You can read more about BLUR here.
Drop me a line here or email me at if you’re interested and I’ll send you a MOBI, MSword, or epub copy for your enjoyment.


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Weekly Haiku Challenge XXX

Force & Free


Songs over cotton

Rising free from parched throats bound

Still a quiet force.

Signature poetry

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Weekly Haiku Challenge XXIX

Fret & Chill


Fingers to the frets,

Eyes closed and soul to the clouds,

I chill in the waves.

Signature poetry

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